Thursday, July 23, 2015

Getting Ready for The First Day of Kindergarten

Are you like me and already thinking of that first day of Kindergarten?  It's really not that far off and there's a boat load of to-do's before the big day arrives.  Here's how I get ready for the first day(s).  It won't get done by its self people.... get going already.  

About a month and a half before school school starts I send out a little postcard to all of my students.  It is the first in a set of mailing that will reach them before school starts.  This first one helps me to get the ball rolling in setting up the classroom.  

One big issue comes up when I go to put student names on about 40 thousand places around the room.  You know what I'm talking about.  As a Kindergarten teacher I don't know the history and story that follows most of these kids.  This starts with there name.  The paper I'm given says that this child's name is Tyson.  Now the teacher questions come into play.  Does he go by Ty?  How in the world should I spell his name around the room?  You know if you put Tyson on everything on the first day of school he or his parents will so.... "Oh, he actually goes by Ty."  or worse yet, "Oh, he actually goes by Franky because that's his middle name."  (of course, Franky) OR  The child's name is Jayden.  Boy? Girl? Oh, man what color would be best for this little kinder's name tag.... Jeepers.  

Postcard to the rescue.  Now this won't get you 100% return but it's a step in the right direction.  
Here's a PDF of the postcard I sent out this summer.  I got some good return info on it and I will do a follow up phone call to those I didn't get a response back from but have questions about.Post Card Link
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Monday, July 13, 2015

Hands Go Free Poem... Here It Is

I seem to have deleted this post from my blog.  I've had a few people try to find it. Well here it is.  Check out the link for a copy without the hand.  I hope this is a fun memorable project you will do each year.