Friday, August 23, 2013

Book Boo, Boo

Well I got rid of my desk.  Now I have to deal with all the stuff that comes my way during the day.  One of those is always the "Book, Boo, Boos"  You know the book that just falls apart in a child's hands.  They come screaming over to you, "I didn't do it. The pages just started falling out."  In the old days I would gently take the book and place it on my desk for triage assessment a bit later.  Well now with out a desk I have to find a place to keep the patient.  So looking through pinterest I saw some really cute signs and I thought.  "Yet again Pinterest, you have saved me."  I got to work.  Found a bucket at the Dollar Store that would hold most books and found these cute graphics at.... wait for it My Cute and Ta Dah.  Book Hospital.  To be honest it will be more like a morgue than a hospital but the first graders don't have to know my sinister plans.  Get your Book Boo, Boo sign Here.