Friday, August 23, 2013

Book Boo, Boo

Well I got rid of my desk.  Now I have to deal with all the stuff that comes my way during the day.  One of those is always the "Book, Boo, Boos"  You know the book that just falls apart in a child's hands.  They come screaming over to you, "I didn't do it. The pages just started falling out."  In the old days I would gently take the book and place it on my desk for triage assessment a bit later.  Well now with out a desk I have to find a place to keep the patient.  So looking through pinterest I saw some really cute signs and I thought.  "Yet again Pinterest, you have saved me."  I got to work.  Found a bucket at the Dollar Store that would hold most books and found these cute graphics at.... wait for it My Cute and Ta Dah.  Book Hospital.  To be honest it will be more like a morgue than a hospital but the first graders don't have to know my sinister plans.  Get your Book Boo, Boo sign Here.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Routines and Procedures for K-2 Students

You know it's coming.  The first day of school.  The first week of school.  The first month of school.  Yikes.  These first few days are the most important of the year.  Why?  That's when we establish routines, procedures and relationships with our students.  Without this solid foundation the rest of the school year will be down right terrifying for both the teacher and student. 

I read an article featured on annotating a list a 30 classroom procedures.  Being a teacher I shaped it into my own list to meet my needs.  Below you will find my list.  I encourage you to make your own list and post it in your class.  I'll bet you are like me and didn't even realize how many routines and procedures you teach in those first few days.  Wow!!  It is amazing that 90% of those cute 6 year olds master it all.  It's that last 10% that get me earning my paycheck (and then some) and stretching my creative juices.  Click Here for The "I Know How To..." list

Friday, January 11, 2013

Brain Base Learning Reminders

I'm loving this article and I just had to share it. 
It is a good reminder to us all about what is worth our effort to use in our classrooms. 
It's a reminder to teach smarter not harder.  Also, it's fun.  Humm, who knew?  ... Fun = Learning. 
10 Brain-Based Learning Laws That Trump Traditional Education

Friday, January 4, 2013

Crack the QR Codes and Months Of The Year Activity

Using QR Codes with Kindergartners.... Crazy?  Nope!
I wanted to do something special with our new ipads that didn't involve a game app.  I've seen QR Code lessons and thought, "Hummm, can I do that with Kindergarten?" 
The new year is upon us and of course learning the months of the year, practicing handwriting, and putting items in sequential order are skills we are always working on improving. 

Tips:  Just so you know,  I took small groups of 2 to 3 and we  practiced just scanning the QR codes .  That was enough of a workout for one day. They did a good job but it is definitely a skill that needs to be learned first. 
Then, the next day I did small groups again to start the activity. Well, yikes.  We had to stop.  It was just too hard so I went back and made the K1-K3 pages and tried it again.  TahDah! It worked much better.  We've only done one page so far but they are excited to do the second page.  After we are done we will do the cut and paste portion together as a group.   
So here you go.  I hope it works as great for you as it did for us.  Let me know how it went. 

Crack The QR Codes and Months Of The Year Activity
As a reward I'm thinking of makeing a QR Code bracelet so they can collect the QR Codes to all the activities they completed.  Then as we do more code activities they can add it to their bracelet.  Still thinking about how to do this but be sure to follow my blog so you can get all the latest and greatest on these fun activities.