Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cupcake Letter Find

Letter identification can be tricky for some students.  They just need more, more, more of what we call "exposure".  So how do you turn the mundane into fun? 
Team up with the cupcake craze that is still going strong.  I'm mean really those cupcakes do look delicious and they're so small and cute. 
I've created  Cupcake Letter Find game to help struggling students find fun in learning those letter.  Hope your students love it as much as mine.  But wait, there is a catch.  You might find a fly in your cupcake.  Icky, but fun.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Monster Number Sense

October is a favorite time of year for kids.  Monsters and pumpkins are in the air.  The routines of school are becoming more solidified and some real skill building is starting to take place.  In the world of the Kindergartner, writing and understanding numbers in their teens is "monstrous"...(pun intended). 
My students have enjoyed these easy worksheet activities at station time.  You could also use them for warm-up work or to go along with a lesson in number sense. 
Once one of them has been modeled and used students can easy duplicate the results for other numbers. 
Monster Number Sense
Enjoy these activities and the rest of this season. 
As mentioned in the previous post the Harry Kindergarten "Numbers In Their Teens".  Is a must for kids.  Where was this song 20 years ago?  It is a must have. 
Another extention idea for a station is making your own monster.  It doesn't have to be fancy, just fun.  Monster 14. His name?  "Big Eyes"  Humm, I wonder where he got that name?


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Favorite Instructional Videos

Youtube.  Such a great place to find engaging content.  But be careful.  Don't go searching for stuff on the spur of the moment, show it, and then find out that, "Yikers" that was not what I thought I was going to show.  I don't even take the chance with the advertisements or surrounding content. 
Tip:  Find the video(make your own account to store it), load it, enlarge it and then play it. 
Top 5 Instructional YouTube Videos:
Vowel Bat - Harry Kindergarten.  So cute.  I'll post later to tell all the activities we do around this video.
Numbers in Their Teens - Harry Kindergarten.  Within the first few weeks all of the students are writing their teen numbers correctly.  (Do I hear bands of angels singing?  Indeed!!)
Days of the Week Rap Back- Jack Hartmann.  This guy knows how to get a kid's attention.  What a refreshing Days Of The Week song. 
Over the Hump and Jump- (Counting transition numbers like 19-20).  Harry Kindergarten.  Ummm... Can I get enough Harry Kindergarten... No Way!! Love this  song.  What a fun way to get up and get moving.  We hate sitting and this does the trick. 
I Can Count To 100 A counting song by Mark D. Pencil.  Another Harry Kindergarten Special.  I have to admit, I do this one near the end of the day or if we need some energy.  For some reason it puts me on edge a bit but they capital LOVE, love it.  Plus, what a great way for those who need to practice counting to get their practice in while all the others that do count to 100 enjoy this song.
Bonus #6
Ugg.  That's 5.  But I have one more for you. 
Super "e"!!!!!!!!  Harry Kindergarten.  This is so fun.  I'll post all the activities we do with this song as well.  What a great way to introduce the silent "e" concept.