Sunday, August 5, 2012

Before School Open House = Fun

At my school we do a little Kindergarten Open House before the first day of school.  We send out little invitations and get ready for a great time to meet the children and their families.
Here's one you can modify.  We let them bring their supplies so that we can get them organized before the first day.

When they get to the Open House we take their picture so we can make a big poster with our class chant on it for our bulletin board at the front of the room.  They have something that shows their beautiful face the first day of school. 

They also go on a little "Treasure Hunt" around the room to get familiar with their surroundings.  Here is the their task sheet for when they come in: Welcome To Kindergarten

Before they leave we also like to get  parent volunteer sign ups for the year.  We will have another All School Open House a few weeks into the year to complete the sign up process but this helps to get things started.