Friday, July 27, 2012

Kindergarten Should Be Fun (24 Page Freebie)

One of the first skills taught in Kindergarten is naming colors. Well most kids already know how to do this so now what? Here is a game I created that differentiates some of those skills. There are 3 great games here. Here is the overview found in the game: Game 1 Spin, Count, and Write a Color , is for advanced learners or for later on in the kindergarten year. Students spin, count the number of letters, and then write the color word on theappropriate graph. The “graphs” are provided in color to be laminated and used over and over or in black and white for students to complete and turn in for teacher evaluation. Game 2, Spin a Matching Color Word and Game 3 Spin a Matching Color, are similar. Game 2 focuses on color words while Game 3 teaches color identification. Students spin and cover their board with a marker you provide. Five in a row wins. Students can play in small groups or individually. 6 cards are provided for each game. Assessment and Bookmark Bonus: Use the Match a Color page to asses student learning. If they do well they can play the next game in the series or they are “rewarded” with the bookmark when shown they know their color words.